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I Love what I do.

I Love what I do. 

Over the past ten years, it has been and still is such an honour to consult and dress women throughout the world.  Through Karen Gee the brand, I have worked with thousands of bodies, with not one body type exactly the same.  I witness the beauty in everybody, and I also listen to what women are not enjoying about their bodies.  I have always been passionate about supporting women and by this I mean, I love to identify what are the most beautiful attributes of that woman and ensure I voice them to her.  Often women will walk into the store, and other than hello, the first thing I say to them is what I notice in an instant about them.  It may a beautiful colour they are wearing, it may be their hairstyle, it may be their style – something I visually witness.  This ensures, I create almost immediately a connection, and make the ladies feel at ease – because let’s be honest, not a lot of us are comfortable walking into a boutique, not really knowing what to expect.  At the end of the day, we all just want to feel and be the best we can be each day.  It doesn’t mean days are not full of ups and downs, however, we are all striving for that happy medium.  I support each and every woman to do this.

For so long there has been such emphasis on Positive body Image, and how you must be positive all the time, feel good all the time, and be happy all the time – and I now know and fully understand,  this is a movement, something that is voiced but incredibly hard to achieve on a daily basis.  What is achievable is Body Acceptance, once we get into that mindset of accepting who we are, and being confident with that, everything changes for the better.  There is not one woman on this planet that is perfect, that does not have struggles, and whether often or not, questions their body type.

Geenies was born from all of this, from working with women, having a full understanding of all body types, knowing that women want comfort, stability and accessibility (especially going to the bathroom).  The idea of creating a shapewear and support comfort label, has certainly been developed through experience and dealing with real women, every single day.  I would estimate 85-90% of my customers would ask what I recommended as shapewear, and to be honest there was not one brand that I truly adored, so I got to work creating something from the ground up.  

As most would understand, this does not happen overnight – there are a lot of moving parts, the first of which was what do I name the brand that is synomonous with what I support and love.  The name Geenies come about after many months of brainstorming with family, friends, and customers of Karen Gee.  I wanted a name that people could easily remember, but more importantly resonate with in terms of visually.  Geenies is obviously part my surname, Jean is my mother’s middle name, and when I think of a Genie, I think magical.  So I brought this altogether to form the name Geenies.  

Next was what I wanted this brand to be.  Not just shapewear, but seamless, technically constructed, sustainable, accessible, comfortable and to summarise, the primer to the clothes you wear.  No focus whatsoever on changing you or your body type, but giving you a beautiful silhouette for the clothes you choose to wear.  Working very closely with Team Geenies, as well as our producers, we have worked very hard to bring these key areas together to formalise Geenies.  We have chosen the most sought after four styles (from women’s feedback) and are very proudly launching these styles in two colours – Black for under darker clothing, and Pearl for under lighter coloured clothing.  We are not stopping here, and have in the pipleline so many new styles and additions that will gradually be added as time goes by.