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How we tread lightly...

How we tread lightly...

At Geenies we understand the importance of looking after our planet, a notion that has informed the creation of our shapewear every step of the way. 


Its a journey, but we believe its possible to create high-quality shapewear that is both effective and sustainable, and we will continue to explore ways to make our products, even more, eco-friendly in the future. 


Here are some ways in which we tread lightly...

  • Expertly crafted on state-of-the-art machines, each pair of Geenies is created as a single piece for sustainable, zero-waste production. 


  • The yarns used to create Geenies are all OEKO-Tex certified, a certification that ensures environmental responsibility and protects natural resources. Furthermore, we use eco-dyes in our manufacturing process that ensures that our products are safe and skin-friendly, but it also helps to reduce global pollution.


  • Your Geenies will arrive in a uniquely crafted washbag, helping you to care for your shapewear properly, ensuring that they last longer and contribute to a more sustainable wardrobe.

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